How to Make Your Dream Retirement a Reality

Retirement is one exciting chapter in our lives that we should look forward to with much anticipation. Besides, after all the toil and sacrifices we did during our working years, either by financially supporting our family and loved ones or just by sustaining our very own needs, it is but appropriate to also reward ourselves a much-deserved retirement where we can enjoy our golden years and reap the fruits of our labor.

Retirement goals vary from person to person. Some would like to retire earlier than 60 years old, others would like to retire in a beautiful, idyllic place away from the hustle and bustle of city living, and still others would like to retire and pursue their undying passions in life, such as putting up charitable institutions for the less fortunate. No matter what our goals may be, however, one thing is certain — retirement is best enjoyed when we have the means to fund everything that we plan to do during those years, and that translates to having sufficient money in our hands. Careful financial planning is therefore a key element to ensure that our retirement dreams do not turn into a nightmarish experience.

The following are important things you must consider in order to make your dream retirement come true:

Set a Goal

Everything starts with having a concrete picture in your mind of what exactly you want to do and experience when you finally retire from work. If you want to travel around the world, for example, you should understand that it would take a huge amount of money to realize that particular goal. You must also take into account the inflation rate every year which can easily set your target fund higher than it is today. Getting professional help from a financial adviser in mapping out your retirement plan should be a good start.

set goals


Save Money as Early as Now!

Saving money today means setting aside funds that you can use later on in life. You do not have to spend your money mindlessly just because you can and you have so much in excess of your current daily needs. Always remember that a single peso saved today is one peso that you can use for your retirement needs.


save money now



Investing is not the same as saving. When you invest, you have the intention to make your money grow, and not just setting them aside, as saving does. Investing regularly will allow your funds to multiply. Maximizing the capacity of your money to earn bigger returns on investment will help you reach your target fund much faster.




Stay Away from Buying Unnecessary Things

Be wise and avoid splurging your hard-earned money on unnecessary things that depreciate in value over time. A very good example of this is the Nokia N-95 cellular phone. In 2007 when it was first introduced to the market, its launch price is around ₱40,000. Fast forward to today and the same phone practically has no value. Had those people who bought it back then put their money in a good investment, they would have been richer by now.


don't buy unnecessary things


Get Out of Debt

Do not allow yourselves to get into deep financial trouble by incurring enormous debts. Remember that whenever you get a loan and spend the money it means you are already spending money that you have not earned yet. Avoid this bad habit by keeping your finances in check and living within your means.


Financial Recovery


Be Your Best at Work and Get Promoted

One way of earning more on your current job is to be the best version of yourself. Excelling in your field of work can be your ticket to job promotions which in turn translates to an increase in salary.


get promoted at work


Create Multiple Streams of Income

The next step to realizing your dream retirement is to get into other profitable businesses to create multiple streams of income. Be on the look out for great business opportunities that can give you more money in the process. Doing this successfully will boost your chances of hitting your target fund ahead of time.


streams of income


Stay Fit and Healthy

You may have all the money you need for an awesome retirement but if you do not take care of your health, you may just end up spending them all for your personal treatment, hospitalization and medicines. As they always say, health is wealth. Get into an active lifestyle, indulge on healthy food, have a positive outlook in life and stay connected with God to experience that total well-being of the body, soul and spirit.


fit and healthy


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